PC104 Power Supply

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Артикул: HE104-512-N-PBFПодобрать аналог
Производитель: Tri-M Technologies

HE104-512-N-PBF. Купить HE104-512-N-PBF PC104 Power Supply от Tri-M

Tri-M HE104 60W rugged PC/104 power supply, In 6-40VDC, Out 60 Watt, +5V@12A, +12V@2.5A, -40C to +85C, No Bus.


60 Watt High Efficiency Rugged PC/104 Power Supply

The HE104 is a high efficiency, high performance DC to DC 60 watt converter that supplies 5V, 12V, -12V (optional), -5V (optional) outputs. The HE104 is specifically designed for vehicular applications requiring low noise, has an ultrawide input range of 6-40V and is ideal for battery and unregulated input applications.

The input protection circuit includes an input filter, three heavy duty transient suppressors (5000W), Mosfet reverse polarity protection and an active circuit surge stopper with Mosfet.

The HE104 5V output is a synchronouse buck regulator design that provides outstanding line and load regulation and ripple noise below 20mV. The low noise design makes the HE104 ideal for use on aircraft and military applications or wherever EMI or RFI must be minimized.

The HE104 12V output is a synchronouse boost regulator that converts the 5V rail up to 12V. This allows the main input to range from a low of 6V up to 40V while maintaining both 5V and 12V output within their specified levels.

The HE104 has a opto-isolated on/off input (SD), allowing for remote signal between 6 and 40V to control the On/Off operation of the outputs. When jumper shunt JP2 is intalled (default) the outputs will automatically turn on when main power is applied to CN1.

The HE104 is PC/104 compliant with a 16-bit PC/104 bus. All generated voltages are provided to the auxilliary power connector block CN2. A removable main input power plug allows the HE104 to be easily installed.


  • DC to DC converter for embedded applications
  • Three stage with active tranient surge stopper transient suppression on input power supply
  • Operatres from 6VDC to 40VDC input
  • PC/104 size and mounting holes
  • 60 maximum watt power supply output
  • 5V, 12V, -12V (optional) and -5V (optional)
  • Temperature range -40 to 85C (on heat spreader)
  • Opto-coupled 6 to 40V input for remote On/Off control
  • Reverse Polarity Protected

Технические характеристики

Electrical Specifications

  • 5V output* 12.0A
  • 12V output 2.5A
  • -5V output 0.4A
  • -12V output 0.5A

Input Voltage

  • 6 to 40VDC


  • Size (W x L x H)**** 3.55” x 3.75” x 0.60”
  • Weight 6.08 oz/172.37 grams
  • Temperature Range -40 to +85°C

Performance Characteristics

  • Peak to Peak ripple* <20mV
  • Load Regulation** <60mV
  • Line Regulation** 40mV
  • Output Temp. Drift** <40mV
  • Output Ripple** 20mV
  • Efficiency up to 95%

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