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Артикул: BAT-NIMH45-PBF
Производитель: Tri-M Technologies

BAT-NIMH45-PBF. Купить BAT-NIMH45-PBF NiMh Backup Module от Tri-M

Tri-M BAT-NIMH45-PBF battery backup module for HESC, V5SC & HPSC series power supplies. PC/104 size, NiMh battery pack, 4.5Ah.


NiMh Battery Backup Module for HESC, V5SC & HPSC Series Power Supplies

The BAT-NiMh45 creates a UPS system by plugging directly into the bottom of the HESC (including the V5SC-SER & HPSC) Vehicle Power Supplies. Each BAT-NiMh45 includes seven 4.5Ahr "A" size batteries for a nominal backup voltage of 8.4 volts. The BAT-NiMh45 can therefore supply a total of 37.8 watt-hrs of backup power and supply backup power for up to sixty minutes for a 37.8 watt load.

The BAT-NiMh45 includes Mosfet transistors for preventing deep discharge occurrences during extended power outages. The Mosfet transistors electrically isolate the BAT-NiMh45 from the HESC whenever the BE output of the HESC is de-asserted (pulled to 5V).

When ordered with the Real Time Clock option, the BAT-NiMh45-RTC can "awaken" from Sleep Mode at a programmed start-up time. A momentary "dry" contact on CN3 can also override the Sleep Mode and awaken the BAT-NiMh45-RTC. Tri-M Power supplies supporting the HESC-UPS18 firmware can program and read the RTC on the BAT-NiMh45-RTC. Tri-M Power Supplies with HESC-UPS firmware can use the BAT-NiMh45 for a UPS system, but without RTC support. Refer to section "Configuration and Installation" for listing of compatible power supplies and firmware support.

The BAT-NiMh45 has both a thermal fuse and a current fuse for protection against overcharging, and shorts on the battery output.

A digital I2C temperature sensor provides temperature feedback for charge termination, which can be read by the HESC.


  • Allows graceful system shutdown
  • Combine with a Power/OS power supply for full UPS functionality
  • PC/104 stackable
  • Nickel Metal Hydride batteries
  • Digital I2C temperature sensor for detecting battery temperature

Технические характеристики

Electrical Specifications

  • Batteries: NiMh, Size A, 4.5A-Hr.
  • Nominal Battery Voltage: 8.4 volts (seven cells * 1.2 volts)
  • Maximum Capacity: 37.8 watt-hours
  • Max Charging Current 4.0A
  • Max Charging Voltage 19.5V


  • Charging Temperature Range 0°C to 45°C
  • Discharge Temerature Range -10°C to 64°C


  • PC/104 footprint size: 3.55" x 3.775", no PC/104 bus
  • Weight: 521 grams (including mounting hardware)

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