Адаптер DM16 PC/104 для шины ISA

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Производитель: RTD Embedded Technologies

Артикул: DM16


  • Allows use of PC/104 modules in an ISA bus slot
  • Provides full AT/XT connection between PC/104 and ISA bus
  • I/O connectors convert dataModule 50 pin I/O header to 50 pin box header connector (interface cable included) 
  • Includes I/O connector for digital or analog I/O

 The PC/XT/AT compatible DM16 PC/104 to ISA bus adapter is an easy way to use one or more PC/104 modules in an ISA bus system.  The DM16 holds one or more PC/104 modules, and connects their XT or AT bus stacking connector to the ISA bus edge card connector.  This allows mixing of PC/104 and ISA bus products for development, testing, or a final product.  

I/O connectors can be used to connect the 50-pin dual-in-line header of a dataModule to a 50-pin box header connector which extends out the back of a standard PC enclosure for easy access.

The DM16 is provided with a stackthrough PC/104 bus connector so that PC/104 modules may be stacked on both sides.

I/O Functions:

  • PC/104 XT/AT bus connector (64 + 40 pins)
  • ISA-bus XT/AT bus edge-connector
  • 50-pin dual-in-line I/O connector
  • 50-pin box header connector

Physical Attributes:

  • Size: 
    160mm L x 20mm W x 115mm H 
    (6.35"L x 0.8"W x 4.5"H)
  • Weight: Approximately 0.29 Kg (0.64 lbs.)
  • Operating Temperature: -40° to +85°C: 90% humidity non-condensing (carrier card only)
  • Storage Temperature: -65° to +125 °C
  • Power requirements = None
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