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Rugged Cellular Gateway

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Артикул: EvoTRAC-G102
Производитель: Kontron

EvoTRAC-G102. Купить EvoTRAC-G102 rugged cellular gateway от Kontron

Kontron’s EvoTRAC-G102 Gateway computer leverages the Intel® Atom™ processors on Kontron’s hardened Type 6 COM Express® CPU module coupled with a ruggedized Carrier Board, all packaged in a natural convection, sealed IP67 enclosure to survive rigorous environmental conditions for on and off-road vehicle use. Featuring a compact COMe E3845 (quad core @ 1.91 GHz) module, the EvoTRAC-G102 Gateway is designed to be a computing platform for extreme rugged In-Vehicle applications. Mechanically compact, this small form-factor computer subsystem integrates Gigabit Ethernet and a single CAN bus interface that supports 2.0 A and B, along with two USB 2.0 interfaces, and  cellular wireless connectivity. 

The unit comes with an embedded 64 GB MLC eMMC for onboard storage and a 3G/4G modem with GPS for wireless connectivity and a spare mSATA slot for additional storage. Designed for rugged vehicle applications and environments, the In-Vehicle Server has been tested for use under extreme temperature (-40° C to +80° C) and other demanding environmental conditions (shock, vibration, humidity, salt fog). The conduction cooled, IP67 sealed chassis incorporates protection from water and dust ingress, as well as CISPR25 emissions and ISO 11452-2 susceptibility.

Технические характеристики

  • rugged, fanless, IP67, application computing platform for vehicles
  • small form factor with high performance Intel® Atom™ E3845 processor @ 1.91 GHz
  • GbE port and fully ISO 11898-2 compliant CANBUS 2.0 A/B
  • 3G/4G LTE Modem with GPS and remote out antenna
  • 9-36 VDC vehicle power input with surge protection and filtering
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