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Артикул: SLP-102-FSR-USB-UKПодобрать аналог
Производитель: iKEY

SLP-102-FSR-USB-UK. Купить SLP-102-FSR-USB-UK Panel Mount клавиатура от iKEY

Introducing the Slim-key SLP-102 panel mount keyboard from iKey. This keyboard provides a full-size versatility in a rugged, compact design with the added convenience of an integrated HulaPoint.

When properly installed, the SlimKey™ SLP-102 is engineered for NEMA 4X protection against dust, water and corrosive liquids. It is designed for easy integration into workstations, kiosks and industrial environments. The large numeric pad on the SLP-102 allows for easy data entry, while the robust polycarbonate case is durable in the roughest of environments.

Furthermore the iKey SLP-102 also features red LED backlighting making this keyboard ideal for use in areas with minimal lighting.

Dimensions: 383.5mm x 153.7mm x 14.7mm

Technical Specification

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