Backlit клавиатура с HulaPoint

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Артикул: SLK-79-M-PS2-UKПодобрать аналог
Производитель: iKEY

SLK-79-M-PS2-UK. Купить SLK-79-M-PS2-UK Backlit клавиатура с HulaPoint от iKEY

The SLK-79 has been designed for mobile applications where a small-footprint, compact keyboard would be ideal. This industrial keyboard features an integrated HulaPoint pointing device with dual left-click compatibility meaning that the SLK-79 offers a large amount of functionality in an ultra-small package.

For working in low-light environments, the SLK-79 features the added convenience of backlit keys. Like other keyboards in the iKey line, the SLK-79 features sealed industrial silicone rubber keypads, as well as robust ABS polycarbonate cases.

When installed properly the SLK-79 conforms to NEMA 4X legislation making the keyboard resistant to dust, dirt, water, ice and corrosive solutions.


 236.5mm x 98.6mm x 42.7mm

Please note that this product is now EOL. Please contact KBS to discuss suitable alternatives.

Technical Specification

  • Approvals:FC,CE,IP,NEMA,ROHS,
  • Additional Keys: 12 Function Keys
  • Dimensions: 236.5mm x 98.6mm x 42.7mm
  • Integrated Peripherals: HulaPoint
  • Material: ABS Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
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