Medical клавиатура c Touchpad

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Артикул: SLK-102-TP-FL-USB-UKПодобрать аналог
Производитель: iKEY

SLK-102-TP-FL-USB-UK. Купить SLK-102-TP-FL-USB-UK Medical клавиатура c Touchpad от iKEY

Designed for the infection control challenges of todays healthcare environment the innovative SLK-102-TP-FL medical keyboard is ideal for use in an array of clinical settings.

This medical keyboard comes with the additional convenience of an integrated GlidePointTM touchpad pointing device - which also saves vital space as it alleviates the need for a separate mouse function.

The SLK-102-TP features a sealed industrial silicone keypad and extremely low-profile keys the SlimKey-MDTM is easily disinfected using any hospital cleaning agent. It boasts a rugged ABS polycarbonate case and a compact space-saving design.

For working in low-light areas FL-series keyboards come with the added convenience of backlit keys. Other standard features include 12 function keys and an oversized numeric pad.

The FL-series medical keyboards from iKey are completely compatible with germicidal sprays and wipes making them ideal for use in ORs patient rooms on carts and at nursing stations.

Technical Specification

  • Approvals:FC,CE,IP,NEMA,ROHS,
  • Additional Keys: 12 Function Keys MS Windows Function Keys
  • Integrated Peripherals: Touchpad
  • Material: ABS Polycarbonate Plastic
  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty
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