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Артикул: SL-86-911-FSR-PS2-UKПодобрать аналог
Производитель: iKEY

SL-86-911-FSR-PS2-UK. Купить SL-86-911-FSR-PS2-UK Backlit Промышленная клавиатура от iKEY

The SL-86-911 from iKey offers a rugged keyboard and a rugged pointing device in one compact solution.

Using reinforced poly-carbonate casing and industrial grade silicone rubber, the iKey SL-86-911 keyboard is designed for public safety applications it features a specialist emergency key and adjustable red LED back light keys.

The SL-86-911 also integrates a Force Sensing Resistor - an upgraded pointing device that offers improved sensitivity and increased durability.

Featuring a compact design with mounting holes the SL-86-911 fits securely in a vehicle console to serve effectively as a mobile application.

This impressive iKey Keyboard boasts a completely sealed and ruggedized construction that allows it to meet NEMA 4X specifications ensuring that this keyboard is sealed against the elements or unwanted spills.

Full Manufacturers Warranty and UK servicing available - Contact KBS for more details.

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