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Wireless Medical Клавиатура

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Артикул: SBW-97-TP-USB-UK
Производитель: iKEY

SBW-97-TP-USB-UK. Купить SBW-97-TP-USB-UK Wireless Medical Клавиатура от iKEY

The SBW-97-TP is the first rechargeable, wireless keyboard with the unique ability to pair to a USB dongle over a 802.11G wireless frequency. This medical keyboard from iKey is unlike traditional wireless keyboards, pairing of the SBW-97-TP does not require the user to press a button on the USB radio dongle or interact with the computer operating system. Once the USB dongle has been installed in the host computer, pairing is only a two keystroke procedure. This exclusive feature allows for a keyboard to be moved from computer to computer and paired for operation directly at the keyboard.  

The SBW-97-TP is rechargeable via the provided micro USB connection and stays charged for approximately 2 weeks with regular use. This fully sealed, medical keyboard is manufactured with an integrated touchpad pointing device, the SBW-97-TP offers LED indicators for pairing, battery life, and charging, and it can be mounted for added ease of use. Optional magnetic mounting is available.

With a fully-sealed industrial silicone rubber pad and polycarbonate case, the SBW-97-TP is engineered for NEMA 4x specifications, making it resistant to water, dust, and compatible with hospital cleaning agents. 

Featuring a  CleanLock™ key, the SBW-97-TP can be quickly disabled during the sanitising process making this keyboard ideal for use in ORs, patient rooms, medical carts, and nursing stations.

Technical Specification

  • Approvals:FC,CE,IP,NEMA,ROHS,
  • Integrated Peripherals: Touchpad
  • Material: Industrial Silicone Rubber
  • Warranty: 1 Year Manufacturers
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